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6201 Windy Ryon Way
Saginaw, Texas  76179
Directions to the Arena
2017 Board of Directors
Marty Richter, President
Rick Ward, Vice President
Debbie McKinney, Treasurer
J.D. Johnson, Secretary
Kent Lynch
Pam Minick

Kent Lynch - 2017 Roping Chairman

2017 Roping Advisory Committee
David Moore
Debbie McKinney
Hal Baslee, Stalls Chairperson
J.D. Johnson, Washer Pitch Chairperson
Jody Johnson
Johnny Nixon, Open Team Roping
Kent Lynch, Invitational Calf Roping and Match Calf Roping Chairperson
Marilyn Tadlock Ellis, Item Raffle Chairperson
Mark Spillman, #9 & #11 Team roping
Marty Richter
Mary Margaret Richter,  Girl’s Team Roping and Girl’s Breakaway Roping Chairperson
Matt Blevins
Mayna Haggard, Scholarship Committee
Pam Minick, Steer Roping Chairperson
Rick Ward, Hospitality Room Chairperson
Tonya Ward, Vendor Chairperson
Benefiting Scholarship Programs for Young Men and Women
Standing-Left to Right:
Hal Baslee, Mark Spillman, Kent Lynch, Rick Ward, Tonya Ward,
Mary Margaret Richter,  Marty Richter, David Moore, Gary McKinney

Seated-Left to Right:
Mayna Haggard, Marilyn Tadlock Ellis, Debbie McKinney, Lori Wharton

Not Pictured:
Matt Blevins, Clay Doyle, J.D. Johnson, Pam Minick